If you do not want to wake up with any hangover nausea then for every alcoholic drink you have, drink one glass of water when you are out partying. Hangover symptoms usually come from dehydration. Alcohol dehydrates the body and since many people do not drink enough water, ever, they start out already dehydrated and the alcohol just makes it worse.

Dehydration is not just the loss of water in your body though. When you lose the fluid a lot of other things go with it, like electrolytes. So do yourself a favor the morning after and have a sports drink handy in the fridge or at room temperature if you do not like really cold drinks the morning after. Go ahead and have some caffeine but keep it limited to one or two cups of coffee or one pop. Caffeine is caffeine and caffeine is drying to the body as well. It will help get rid of some symptoms like headache and hangover nausea. So go ahead and have a couple of cups of your usual morning joe but stop there.

Try your best to eat something. I know, you already feel nauseous and just the thought of putting something in your stomach is very unappealing but if you can manage just a piece of toast or scrambled egg you will do your body a big favor and the nausea may just go away. Who knows maybe you were just hungry and that was what was causing your nausea. Stay away from fatty foods like sausage and bacon, they will only sit in your stomach like lumps.

If solid food is just not worth a try then what about a smoothie? One cup of vanilla yogurt, one cup of milk, and one cup your choice of fresh or frozen fruit. If you use fresh fruit then add about three cups of ice. To thicken things up more add a banana and some honey. Delicious, and very good for you, too. You can almost feel the goodness permeate every cell in your body and rejuvenate you. Adding the honey is a good idea because it will help stabilize your blood sugar levels.

If the food or smoothie does not alleviate your nausea then go ahead and take some over the counter upset stomach relief medicine. There are quite a few to choose from, just take which ever one you like the best. Stick with what you know though, do not pick this time to try something new.

The last best thing you can do for yourself is to just rest. Time heals all wounds and a self-inflicted hangover is no exception. Draw the shades to keep the light coming in to a minimum and just veg on the couch or go back to bed, the less you move the better. Remember to shut the phone off until you feel better, the phone ringing will hurt your head. You don’t need any help with that on the morning after a good party, do you?

If you need it and can stomach it, take some over the counter pain reliever for the headache you undoubtedly have to go along with your hangover nausea and dry mouth.

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